David Milton, Sculptor


David lives with his family in Watchet and has a long association with the town. Since early childhood the beaches at Watchet have held a lasting fascination for him. Having some of the finest geological strata in the South West we are fortunate to have a wealth of fossils and rocks that pre-date the age of the dinosaurs. It is from these materials that David draws his inspiration. David is that rare talent who creates work of a high sophistication yet has received no formal art training and is unaware of any artistic influence.

David's method of working is straightforward, choosing with care the correct stone, he adds his own personal interpretation at the same time ensuring that the original material retains its own personality.

David has completed both public and private commissions. These can be seen in Watchet at Knights Templar School and the 'Seascape Sculpture Garden' in Esplanade Lane.

David has exhibited in the Lynda Cotton Gallery; the exhibition being WOOD EARTH and CANVAS. He has also exhibited at other locations in West Somerset.

"I feel that every stone has a story to tell and with the right wind I hope I can release the hidden meaning.

When cutting, carving, and forming the sculpture I lose the presence of time and what is going on around me whether I'm working outside or inside.

I also feel that there is a time and place in which the stones have to be fulfilled and to make an impression on the world.

I try and imagine where the sculpture might possibly be placed - inside or out, where the sunlight might shine upon it, or through it.

Some stones have a feel about them, which I find appealing. I look for colour, luminance, texture, and a tactility from them.

I like to walk the beaches after big seas and see how the cliffs have changed in colour or shape, and how the sea shore builds up and falls away with the rolling seas. At different times of the year I enjoy the experience of seeing animals come to feed, and bringing up their young here on our beaches in Watchet.

There always seems to be something interesting to be found. It’s just a case of looking, listening and feeling the mood of the sea, cliffs and beaches."